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        No limited,You can order according to your requirement . Small Sample order acceptable.

        (2) Terms of Price
        Usually we offer EXWshenzhen Price . FOBshenzhen price should offer according to the QTY

        (3) Delivery time 
        3-5 working days for Sample order less 100pcs
        5-7 working days if  over 100pcs in different model
        7-15 working days for OEM order

        (4) Shipping way 
        Usually we choose the fast express shipping way for you . like DHL,UPS,Fedex,TNT ect.
        If you don't like it . you can choose other more slowly shipping way 

        (5) Terms of Payment 
        T/T in advance .We also accept PayPal ,WesternUnion ,MoneyGram . L/C  
        Noted : L/C MOQ 50000USD/Bill