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        How to Check Enster Online Demo?---By PC CMS
        • 2636
        • Jimmy at
        • January 20, 2017


        1) Preparation

        Download PC CMS Software from Enster website


        2) Serial ID

        Please refer the Serial ID to our online demo list. 

        Select the camera’s serial ID(Cloud ID) for viewing. Some Serial ID as following:

        Device Type

        Serial ID / Cloud ID

        2MP Starlight IPC


        4X Motorize Zoom PTZ


        4.0MP IP Camera


        5.0MP IP Camera


        2.0MP IP Speed Dome


        8CH 5MP NVR


        8CH MH AHD DVR



        3) ADD AREA on CMS software

        Firstly, we need to “ADD AREA” on CMS. Please do like this:

        Open CMS software – “System” – “Device Manager” – “ADD AREA”, Name a Zone.

        Ref. below picture:


        4)      ADD DEVICE to the Zone

        Then, we need to add device to the zone which we set in last step. Please do like this:

        Choose the Zone – “ADD DEVICE” – “Choose Cloud” – “Fill in the Serial ID”

        Login name: admin, no need password. Then “OK”.

        Remind: You can add any of the Serial ID from the Step 2). For example, if you want to view our 2.0MP Starlight IPC, 

        then add 67c18fce0194b571.



        5) View the Online Demo

        After finished last steps, you can view the demo on CMS now.

        Double click the device name on left side of CMS, then you can see the camera icon below(for example as below shows “2.0MP”). 

        Then double click the icon(2.0MP) you can see the demo in CMS window. (You can also pull the camera to any window in CMS as you want).



        Download the Manual in PDF: By CMS